About GO: Fitness

Personal Training Columbus

GO: Fitness is here to provide a fitness club and personal training facility for beginners and fitness enthusiasts, with an emphasis on introducing new and innovative exercises and systems that work for real people. We believe there is more to health and fitness than enduring countless hours on a treadmill, calorie restricted diets, or the same old-style non-relevant equipment. To us fitness is about being up on your feet, moving in multiple directions, getting stronger in your core, so you can enjoy the activities you do outside of the gym, in your real life.

Aboutpic2The owner of the GO: Fitness has been in the fitness and personal training industry for over 20 years and has seen it all. He knows what works and what doesn’t for the individual to be successful. He knows that 24-hour access or 100 treadmills will not keep you coming to the gym or make you successful. It is our connection with the members, our customer service, and giving members all the tools they need to get lasting results in a fun way.

This is the reason all GO: Fitness memberships include personal training sessions. Everyone needs personalized help and our personal training Columbus is designed around this fact. You need questions answered and guidance. This way you make changes and stay on your path, and finally get real results. Results you want and that make sense in your life.

Your whole life, you have been inundated with thousands of examples of what other people think it means to be physically fit. Most people believe that today’s bodybuilders represent a fit body. We are too caught up in the idea of fashion over function. This turns most people off of going to most gyms, because they push this image on their members.

Aboutpic1You don’t have to look like a body builder or fitness model to be fit or participate in our personal training Columbus. You are truly physically fit when you are connected to your body in such a way that you can do anything you want to do. Unfortunately, in today’s busy world, the majority of us have forgotten how to use our bodies. We don’t climb anything except the occasional staircase and the only thing we push and pull are deadlines in the office. Your workouts should make your body move for real life situations.

True physical fitness and proper personal training will allow you to do anything you want or need to. You should be able to enjoy life, and look better at any age. You should be able to run, jump, climb, push and pull whenever you want to. Do you remember a time when you acted like that? It was when you were a kid! When you played, and played hard– sweating and being out of breath used to be fun. Workouts should be like that. That’s what working out at GO: Fitness is like, like playing.